Lets not lie to ourselves about this, we’re all curious as to how XCOM: Enemy Unknown is going to be when it launches, and now we’ve got another teaser trailer for the game Casualties of War. XCOM will always hold a special place in the hearts of a lot of gamers, so this attempt to bring the franchise back into the lime light has a lot ridding on it.

If you haven’t played the original XCOM games, you certainly should, the mix of action and strategy is one of the best mixes I’ve ever seen. The new addition to the franchise XCOM: Enemy Unknown was initially moving away from the strategy portion of the game and focusing more on the action and making it “another first person shooter”. That version of the game will hopefully never see the light of day, as feedback from the initial viewings of the game were horrible. 2K went back to the drawing board and re-built the game from the ground up with a new team in place.

The game now holds true to its roots of base building and management, squad prep and load out, planning your attacks and planning and building your army. All of the things that have made the franchise successful are back and to be honest the game looks like it might be a sneaky hit. I had initially wrote off the game but the more trailers that have come out and developer interviews have been done, I actually think that the team has brought one of my favorite franchises back from the old game cupboard to a new generation.

Hopefully as we get closer to launch we’ll see more and more of the game, and we’ll be getting our hands on it for a full review. We’ve seen 2K really take care of some great games lately and we hope they do the same here, and not turn out another Syndicate.