We told you that we were looking forward to what PowerA was going to be doing at PAX this year, and well they’re getting us more excited just before PAX starts. PowerA today released an update on Software Partners for their MOGA Gaming System devices.

One of the big selling points of the MOGA Gaming System is the enhanced controller integration that they’re offering for software publishers / game developers. This means that games can be tailored to utilize their controllers to the best of their ability instead of syncing any old Bluetooth controller and hoping everything works. Think of this similar to how NVidia has worked with certain Publishers to create versions of games optimized to take advantage of the power of Tegra processors.

In order for PowerA and MOGA to make a big dent in the mobile gaming space they need to have strong publisher support behind them. It looks like they’re getting it, because along with their initial partners of Atari, Gameloft, Namco Bandi and Sega, they’ve added some more strong parties. The complete list and announced games supporting MOGA are below.

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We’ll keep you updated with everything else PowerA announces along with any other surprise announcements that come out of PAX this weekend.