PAX starts this week and a lot of news will be coming out regarding the attendees and their wares, but the one we’re looking forward to the most is PowerA and their MOGA Mobile Gaming System.

The MOGA Gaming System is an external Android controller and accompanying app that enhance gaming control for Android users. Obviously there are a multitude of Bluetooth options out on the market today but MOGA is looking to take Android gaming control to the next level.

PowerA has worked with game developers including Gameloft, Namco Bandi, Sega, Atari and more to bring a controller optimized experience to games so that you get the most out of the gaming experience. In order to bring these optimizations to users, they’ve developed an accompanying App, Pivot, that allows you to manage your game library and access MOGA enhanced games. The App itself will notify users if a game they have has a MOGA enhanced version.

MOGA controllers will work with Android devices (both phones and tablets) 2.3 and up, and we’ve confirmed that they will support Android 4.0.4 devices and Android 4.1 devices at launch including the Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus and others.

There are two controller options for gamers based on their preference, the MOGA, and the MOGA Pro. Both are full-featured controllers with dual analog sticks, actions buttons and shoulder triggers. Both versions feature a flip-out arm equipped with non-slip pads (accommodates devices up to 78mm wide) to secure your phone directly to the controller. The MOGA is a smaller sleeker controller that is certainly the on the go game-pad model. The MOGA Pro on the other hand should feel like your traditional console (cough Xbox 360, cough) controller.

PowerA is also saying that these babies will last for up to 24 hours of gameplay powered by 2 AAA batteries, which if holds true will be pretty impressive and make traveling or commuting a lot more fun.

If you’re headed to PAX this year be sure to stop by and check out the first consumer hands-on with the MOGA!