Last week Pinterest opened its doors to everyone so the world could get in on the pinning without an invite, and this week they’ve launched their long-awaited Android and iPad Apps.

For those of you who don’t know, Pinterest launched in 2010 and pick up a heard of steam last year and became the third-most popular social network. It has been invitation only until last week, which makes its rank behind only Facebook and Twitter that much more impressive. The platform, allows users to find images across the web and create “boards” where they can “pin” these images. The images link back to the specific story or article, and you can share (or keep private) these boards so people know your interests. It started gaining popularity with food enthusiasts, and then caught on with fashion enthusiasts. Now people use it for everything from capturing ideas for party planning, to gathering reference material for books and movies.

Unfortunately until today if you had a mobile device that wasn’t an iPhone you didn’t have a dedicated App that would allow you the feature rich experience of Pinterest. The Android community has been calling for an App because well, the Android community feels like the unpicked kid in dodge-ball never getting any of the “good” apps and always having to wait until the very last-minute. Well Pinterest has been listening and they’ve built a custom app specifically for Android that makes it simple and easy to “pin” and gets you to the core of the Pinterest experience.

The iPad app has seemed like an obvious next step for Pinterest since it launched its iPhone app. The iPad has the largest market share in the tablet space and is used by a wide variety of individuals, but most of them have the same interests as the target demographic for Pinterest. The iPad app emulates the browser experience with its four column layout and locked menu bar. It allows users the ability to “swipe the screen to resume browsing after viewing a board, or using the embedded browser to see what others are pinning from their favorites sites.”

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