We’ve all been curious as to Microsoft’s pricing strategy would be for their Surface line of tablets that they unveiled back in June. Now some leaks are starting to sneak out regarding at least the RT version of Surface tablets.

News is spinning today that the RT version of the Surface tablet will retail for $199 which would put it right inline to compete with the Nexus 7 Tablet from Google / Asus. Now at this point this is still a rumor, and the RT version of the Surface tablet will be lacking some features that the full version of the Surface will have but all in all it should be a great tablet option especially if it’s priced at $199. It would be a huge blow to apple if Microsoft could get this tablet to retail at this price point, the Surface from OS to hardware is a feature complete tablet with huge backing from Microsoft and at $300 less than the least expensive version of the current gen iPad, they could put a serious dent in Apples wallet.