The following is a guest post from Ivan How, a technology writer and mobile game enthusiast over at the largest online shopping mall in Malaysia called Lazada. His passion for console video games started when he was only a young boy. Today, he is addicted to downloading new mobile games from the App Store and playing them on his iPhone.

Everybody loves racing games. Growing up as a child, whether you are a girl or boy, you must have played at least one racing video game. Racing games provide plenty of heart-pumping moments and they are a joy to play irregardless of whether you are playing alone or competing in a multiplayer race with friends.

As technology improves, racing games become widely available on many gaming platforms and today, these games are flooding popular mobile games marketplace such as the Apple App Store and Google Play. In the post, we are going to look at 5 awesome racing games that you should try playing on your smartphone.


Asphalt is by far the most popular racing games on mobile phones. Asphalt made its first appearance on smartphones with its second installment. Symbian, an operating system used widely by Nokia smartphones back then was chosen by Gameloft to launch the game,  followed by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

Asphalt had a great launch and the game successfully won the hearts of many with its exciting gameplay and great graphics despite running on smartphones with limited processing power. In the game, gamers are allowed rent cars, race on streets, challenge drivers and build up their racing swagger. The latest instalment of the Asphalt series, Asphalt 7, made a huge leap forward in terms of gameplay and other mobile racing games are left in the dust.

Need for Speed

Need for Speed, also known as NFS among gamers, is a video game about winning races to unlock cars, claiming territories and clinching tournament titles. While the game is highly successful on PC and gaming consoles, porting the game over to smartphones is not as easy as it seems. Despite the odds, publisher Electronic Arts seems to have done a good job.

On smartphones, gamers can either opt to use on-screen controls or thanks to the built-in accelerometers in many smartphones today, use the phone as a steering wheel. Car damage is incorporated in the game’s latest installment and gamers will see their car getting torn apart slowly with every bump and crash.

Death Rally

It’s more than just racing with Death Rally. The mobile game is a classic racing and shooting game. Instead of having the common gameplay of racing games, which is to race and win to enhance your profile, Death Rally is about being pursued by cops, while destroying rival cars along the way. Unlike other racing games, you can win points through damages caused on other vehicles.

Racers get to customize their rides with the right accessories, armors and assault weapons. As of now, Death Rally is only available on iOS and Android. Hardcore explosions are common in the game and the gameplay might even be too violent for beginners. Winning is not all about speed, taking your enemies down without mercy is also a highly effective way to win a car race.

Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing

The definition of speed in the gaming world will not be complete without the name of SONIC the Hedgehog. The name, Sonic, shouldn’t be new to gamers. Everyone loves Sonic, the super-fast hedgehog. He rolls, he spins, he runs, and he tackles the evil Dr. Eggman and his robotic armies. With his speed, Sonic is now ready to race against other SEGA famous characters. These SEGA characters include Dr.Eggman himself, Metal Sonic, Knuckles, BEAT from Jet Set Radio, B.D. Joe from Crazy Taxi, and many more.

Recently, Sega announced that it will launch the game on iOS. As of now, only iPhone users get to download and play the game. However, like all the other popular mobile games, you can expect an Android version of the game very soon.

Lane Splitter

Lane Splitter is all about cranking your motorcycle to TOP SPEED and in midst of it, fulfils the simple rule of avoiding cars that are on the road. Apart from that, you are expected to collect coins along the way.

If you have played Temple Run on iOS or Android, then you would find Lane Splitter to be a similar game. The game effectively tests your reflexes as you race up to the top speed on a busy freeway filled with vehicles. Currently, the game has more than 12 million downloads worldwide. Worth playing? You bet!

What is your favorite mobile racing game? Did it make the list? If not, share with us your favorite in the comment section below.

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