As the release season heats up, publishers are fighting to keep their games in your hearts and minds, that’s why Activision held its last Content Drop for COD Modern Warfare 3 until now. Content Collection 4: Final Assault will be available on September 6th to download.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been sitting amongst the top ranked multiplayer games across multiple platforms for the past year, and the stream of additional content (maps, game modes, etc) have kept it relevant for a year, which is no easy feat. As COD: Black Ops II prepares to launch, Activision is pushing out the final bit of content for the Xbox 360 version of MW3, a package that includes 5 new maps (3 if you’re an elite premium subscriber).

Playstation 3 is a bit behind the Xbox, so they will be receiving Content Collection 3 which includes Light’Em Up, Special Delivery, and Special Ops Chaos mode.

The maps are, Decommission, Off Shore, Gulch*, Boardwalk*, and Parish*. The final 3 will be new to all players, while the first 2 have been available to Elite Premium subscribers for some time now. Decommission and Off Shore are pretty good maps and a lot of fun. The new maps for Gulch and Boardwalk and Parish look really good, and if history tells us anything, there will be a lot of blood spilled on these new maps. One of the best parts of games like these is getting new maps, learning all the new spots and learning how to take advantage of areas. I can’t wait for next week for these to hit!

Video of the new maps: