We told you it was coming, today at Gamescom Activision and Treyarch demoed live streaming to the world through Xbox Live, the first views of Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

The highly anticipated next iteration of the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops 2 we demoed today at Gamescom in Germany, and streamed live over the internet and Xbox Live to the world. Not only did Treyarch and team show off what looks to be an awesome addition to an addicting franchise, but they introduced multiple new features and game play modes that will be available in Black Ops 2.

A great update to the game is that now up to 18 players can play all the time instead of just in ground war!

First Impressions of Gameplay Footage:

Fluid, that’s the first thing that comes to mind. The game play looks smooth and seamless, from the main user interaction to the surrounding elements everything seems very polished and ready to go. The environments look familiar, which is to be expected, but the maps are what make the multiplayer, and these new maps are different and look awesome.

This game will certainly scratch the itch that fans of the franchise have. It keeps the familiar feel and elements that make the game successful and loved by players. Because it’s a Black Ops 2 game, it brings back diving, which we’ve all missed! They’ve added new weapons, new perks, new attachments and updated character models and movements. These all add to the updated and refreshed feeling of the game that will get you hooked back in to the franchise if you’ve drifted away to say, Battlefield 3?

Newly Announced Features:

Multi-Team Team Death Match – six teams increases the level of carnage within Call of Duty. Players can pick six different factions to play as and team up against up to 18 players in these mosh pit style games. Communication is important here, with this level of mayhem you have to stick together and call out enemies or else your team is going to lose.

Hard Point – Similar to king of the hill or headquarters, teams have to defend specific areas within a map to earn points. The location changes and teams have to move to recover the position.

COD-casting – a way to share your game with viewers, adding to the entertainment level of the game. One of the things that Treyarch has said that they want to do is increase the competition and “sport” of playing COD. COD casting adds a way to save games and share them out into the world along with adding in color commentary. This is something that is certainly going to make a big push on YouTube because one large source of videos is gameplay tips and tricks, this will certainly make these types of videos easier to put together.

Live Streaming – Yes live streaming, it’s exactly what you think it is, you can stream gameplay live to other viewers.

Target Finder – A weapon attachment that helps you identify targets at a distance. Cheap yes, useful of course!

League Play – A new gameplay type that pits you against equally skilled players to level the field and increase the competition level. You’re playing against people who are as good or as bad as you.

Perk Combinations – not exactly new but they are enhanced now and the combination system is improved.