Yes we’ve known for some time that Verizon was switching over from legacy data plans to their new “share everything” plans, but some users we’re still getting through the upgrade system and keeping their grandfathered unlimited data. Well it appears the good times are officially coming to a close now that the June 28th official launch of “share everything” plans has come and gone.

Verizon has started notifying users who are looking to upgrade their devices on a new contract and keep their unlimited data that they are not allowed to do so. BGR is reporting on one specific users who had per-ordered a Galaxy S III on June 6th and was expected to receive his device next week, who received the below message from Verizon. The message says that he will not be able to bring his old unlimited plan over to the Galaxy S III on Verizons LTE network.

Your request to keep the unlimited data plan for the new equipment cannot be granted. Verizon no longer offers this feature. To complete your request we have the following features available (i.e. $30 for 2GB, $50 for 5Gb or $80 for 10GB) please advise which one you would like

Please reply to this email with the above information so that we may continue your request as soon as possible.

Obviously if you’ve waited this long you knew there was the potential that Verizon wouldn’t let you sneak in under the wire, but someone who pre-ordered before the new plans were introduced should have been grandfathered through even if their phone technically hasn’t shipped.

We imagine that if you were to call up Verizon and complain about this type of thing you’d get an acceptance because you can prove that things were done prior to the launch of these new plans. Unfortunately what this does mean is that if you tried to walk into a store today and upgrade your phone and keep your data plan, Verizon is most likely going to tell you it’s not an option.

We’ve reached out to Verizon for confirmation.