Word is spreading across the internet like wildfire that Google has started shipping the Nexus 7 tablet. Googles official Nexus 7 tablet device built with Asus the first device running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) which was first shown during Googles I/O last month.

Nexus 7 Tweet

Google promised that the device would arrive mid-July and well as the calendar turns, it appears that they might have actually kept their word. There have been multiple reports today of some lucky folks being able to pick up the device in store at their local Game Stop (Google has put a stop to this), unfortunately we weren’t able to. We’ve been waiting for official word from Google (or a charge to our accounts) to notify us that the Nexus 7 has indeed begun shipping. Well Google took to twitter to announce it that it has in fact begun shipping pre-ordered devices as of today. We are able to confirm this is true, our accounts have been charged and tracking information e-mail has been received. With the two-day shipping option users should start seeing devices arrive on their doorsteps Monday 7/16 which pretty much makes the mid-July prediction spot on.

Let us know if you’ve gotten your notification from Google yet !