That’s right data lovers, Verizon has announced their oft promised sharing plans dubbed “Share Everything” will start being available on June 28th. This may also spell the end of users being able to get subsidized phones and stay on unlimited data plans although Verizon has not confirmed it yet.

The plans come bundled with unlimited talk minutes and unlimited text messaging, and start off with 1GB to share across up to 10 devices. The plans start at $50, but that’s just for the plan, you will still have to pay $40 pre month per smartphone, $30 per month per dumb phone, $20 per month per hotspot, and $10 per month per tablet. Data allowances come in 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB, 8 GB, and 10 GB increments. So you can pay $100 per month for the 10 GB plan, and then add-on all of your devices if you want.

Doing some simple math here, if you are in a family with two smartphones and two tablets and you want 6 GB of data to share you’re looking at $180 per month ($40 x 2, $10 x 2, $80). Which is a pretty steep price considering if you signed up for a new account today you could get 5 GB of data for $50, granted it’s only for one device, and the basic phone service plans start at $59.99. Basically Verizon is discounting their standard phone and text services and charging more for data, a trend we knew was coming and we’re sure other companies will follow suit quickly.

Full Details: Verizon