Shazam the leading app in song and TV tagging has updated their Android application to support Android Beam on NFC enabled phones. It’s good to see companies start embracing NFC and this is an instance where it makes sense, a lot of people use Shazam to tag songs and either purchase them or save them for later, now you can easily share those tags with friends who have NFC enabled Android Phones.

The updated version enables “Instant sharing using Android Beam: Simply open a tag result, hold your device back to back with your friend’s phone and “Touch to Beam” to swap tags and share your favorite music, videos, special offers and more.” Obviously this will only work if both phones support NFC (which means you and your friend better have new phones!).

Hopefully this is more of a trend amongst developers, because NFC communication and Android Beam have a lot of uses for regular users and the more developers start to tap into it, the more people will become fluent with NFC and the standard will gain more and more momentum.

Download the update for your device today! Shazam


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