Rumors have been flying left and right about Google releasing a Nexus tablet for months now, and as Google I/O approaches they are starting to heat up again. NVidia has come out recently with their plan for tablets with Tegra 3 processors into the market for $199. Asus has been making some of the best Tegra 3 tablets on the market for a while now so it would make sense that Asus and NVidia would bring lower cost tablets into the market and with Google rumored to be bringing more Nexus devices into the market place why not partner with two of the best to bring in a tablet?

Now this is all rumor at this point but it is matching up nicely with news from NVidia, Asus and Google. Since Google I/O is only a month we wont have to wait to long to find out if these rumors pan out, and hopefully they are true, because a $199 Android tablet would certainly put a huge push of Android tablets on to the market.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.