That’s right folks, the wait for Google to officially take the wraps on its most recently worst kept secret is now over, Google has officially announced and launched Google Drive. Google Drive for the uninitiated is Googles counter to Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive etc. It is a one stop shop for storing all of a users files (up to 5GB for free anyway). Which is something that users have wanted for quite sometime, but haven’t been able to get specifically from Google so other companies have stepped up and beaten them to market.

One of the big differentiating factor for Google Drive over the other options is that application developers can easily integrate support for Google Drive into their apps which means you can use web apps to build and edit files and not have to store things in multiple places you can just store everything on Google Drive and access it anywhere. Another plus is the search functionality, Google has built itself on search so launching a product that didn’t have good search functionality would be a no-no, Drive indexes all files and allows users to quickly search for specific files / types  / formats for easy management.

Google Drive is free with your standard Google account and gives users 5GB of storage for free but if you need more storage you can purchase upgrades, to 25 GB or 100 GB ($2.50/mo or $4.99/mo respectively). Google has released an accompanying Android application for Google Drive along with PC & Mac accessibility. Google will be releasing an iPhone and iPad application soon as well.

For more information watch this video