Reports are flying fast and furious today based on a Wall Street Journal report that Google will begin selling tablets direct to consumers starting this summer. Some reports have gone as far as to claim that Google, will have its own online store, and sell tablets made by Asus and Samsung.

Google and Asus have been linked together for a few months with the potential of a Nexus branded tablet running on NVidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor. With news today from the CEO of NVidia claiming that we will see sub $200 Tegra 3 tablets in market this summer, it’s very possible that a Nexus tablet could come to market and under cut everything on the market.

I for one would certainly love to see a Nexus branded Google tablet, but only if it follows in the tradition of Nexus devices, which means it has top of the line hardware specs and access to speedy software updates direct from Google.  Earlier reports put doubt on a cutting edge Nexus tablet, which we thought would be a miss-step on Google’s part. Now it looks like that isn’t something we’re going to have to worry about. But there is still plenty of rumor in this news so lets not jump to far to fast.