Great catch by the guys at Droid-Life for all you Verizon users out there. Yearly Asurion (the expensive but life saving) provider of phone insurance for Verizon phones runs an open enrollment program that allows subscribers who initially declined coverage on their phone when they were purchased. You qualify for open enrollment if you have a Verizon phone that is working and has been activated within the last 2 years.

Open enrollment runs from March 1 through April 30.

You have 3 options should you choose to add-on coverage during this open enrollment period:

  1. Total Equipment Coverage:  At $6.99 per moth for phones and $10.99 per month for tablets, TEC is the most comprehensive plan that protects against loss, theft, damage (including water damage), and mechanical and electrical defects after the warranty as expired. You also get access to their Mobile Recovery app that allows you to remotely lock, track and wipe your device should you lose it or have it stolen.
  2. Wireless Phone Protection: At $5.18 per month for phones and $9 per month for tablets, this covers damage to your phone, but from what I can tell, does not give you access to their Mobile Recovery app.
  3. Extended Warranty:  At $1.99 per month, this extends the factory warranty on your device for as long as you continue to pay the $1.99 fee.

If you wish to sign up for coverage, you can visit the VZW Protection Plan site.