Not to be outdone by EA and Battlefield 3, this morning Activision has released details on Content Drops #4, #5, #6  for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. These Content Drops feature one new multiplayer map and are the first to feature a Special Ops map instead of a multiplayer map.


First up is Content Drop #4 featuring the new multiplayer map Black Box. This puts you in a large-scale map with a crashed down airplane and two mansions to invade and take cover in.



Second is Content Drop #5, Black Ice. Black Ice takes you and a friend into Russia with the goal of destroying an enemy Diamond Mine. This mission also has you riding a snowmobile, which is one of my favorite parts of the story line so I’m glad I get to do it in Spec Ops.


Lastly is Content Drop #6 which brings in another Special Ops mission “Negotiator”. First you have to free your partner, then save a city full of hostages. Pretty neat spin if you ask me, plus from the trailer, and the promo video, there will be quite a lot of breaching

Per usual these content drops are arriving on Xbox Live first for Call of Duty Elite Premium Members.

Watch the full trailer below: