HTC has finally moved the needle forward with their plans for Ice Cream Sandwich updates to their phones, with the first wave starting to hit in March. HTC initially came out and said (like most manufacturers) that they were reviewing their line-up of devices and would make determinations of which handsets would be receiving Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Since this initial announcement there hasn’t been much movement, until today. HTC officially announced the first wave of devices that would be receiving the update to ICS (along with updated Sense) and that they will be receiving the update in March!

The List:

  • Rezound (Verizon)
  • Vivid (AT&T)
  • Amaze 4G (T-Mobile)
  • EVO 3D (Sprint
  • EVO Design 4G (Sprint)
  • Incredible S
  • Desire S
  • Desire HD

As you can see there is a pretty good group of devices there, unfortunately it’s not a lot of devices. HTC has been pushing out handsets at a very rapid rate (something they plan on correcting moving forward) so they can’t focus on all their handsets and have them all updated at the same time. Unfortunately that means a lot of people who have HTC phones, like Verizons first 4G phone the Thunderbolt, aren’t on the list for ICS updates. This doesn’t mean that they won’t be updated to ICS, it just means that in March you won’t be receiving it and you’ll h ave to wait for more information to come from HTC as to when you’ll be updated (if you’re going to be updated).

How do you feel about this? Do you think there should be more devices on this list? Do you think that you got ripped of?