It’s official the European Commission has approved Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility. In a release from Google they state “We’re happy that today the European Commission approved our proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility, which we announced in August.”

With the European Commissions approval of the acquisition the only remaining hurdle is the US regulation which is expected to be resolved this week as well (presumably with the same outcome).

Google has made it’s intentions very clear with the Motorola Mobility purchase from the beginning, this is a patent portfolio play and Google has repeated that it is not going to take over and produce its own hardware. Motorola Mobility will still operate as a separate entity within Google and they will not receive preferential treatment with software releases or updates.

This acquisition is good and bad news for a lot of hardware makers in the market, some happy that Google now has more patents to protect the Android eco-system, some scared that Google will begin producing its own hardware. Either way this plays out it is a good thing for Android and a good thing for Google, how it affects everyone else is up in the air.