Activision let us know today that PS3 Elite Premium members wont have to wait that much longer for their first set of Content Drops. February 28th is the day that the two newest maps Liberation and Piazza will be downloadable for Elite Premium members on PS3.

Liberation is a militarized Central Park in NYC. It features open landscapes which are great for sniper and LMG kills. There are also mounted turrets on opposite ends of the map for fortifying bases.

Piazza is set in an Italian village, there are lots of quick corners, multiple stairwells and overlook points, along with pathways networked together through out the map.

Xbox 360 Elite Premium members have had access to the maps for two weeks now and let me tell you they’re great, I’m personally a fan of Piazza, even though I tend to be more inclined to be a sniper, I just really enjoy the map and the way that it is constructed and designed.