In what is becoming a disturbing trend, there are rumors that Samsung is prepping an upgraded version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for release. This news comes hot on the heals of Motorola announcing the 3rd version of the RAZR (the Developer Edition) which is getting a lot of push back from purchasers. The rumors report that the upgraded Galaxy Nexus will have an updated processor from the current TI OMAP4460 to the TI OMAP4470 which includes an updated graphics processor to the PowerVR SGX 544. The new processor also runs at 1.8 GHz instead of the current 1.5GHz (which is clocked down to 1.2 GHz). These rumors started when Droid-Life spotted some interesting NenaMark scores from a device claiming to be the Galaxy Nexus.

At the pace that companies are pushing out updated hardware it is very possible that Samsung and Google are prepping an updated version of the Galaxy Nexus for introduction. Unfortunately the we as consumers are caught in the never-ending battle of wanting the best, and always knowing that tomorrow something better will arrive. Apple has the upper hand here, working on their own and releasing updated devices once a year so that their fans aren’t left feeling cheated in two months when their phone comes out with a minor upgrade. Hopefully Android hardware developers will follow HTC’s plan and release fewer devices and focus specifically on “Hero” devices.