Nokia introduced the beauty of a Windows Phone 7 device at CES called the Lumia 900, unfortunately Nokia did not comment on release date or pricing at the time, they also didn’t mention international availability. Well the folks at Carphone Warehouse have a coming soon page on their website that lends some credibility to the idea that Europe will be getting their own version of the Lumia 900 as well. Pocket-lint is pointing out that their sources are saying an announcement could be on the way at MWC next month. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nokia release the Lumia 900 across multiple carriers and regions, it only makes sense for smart phone makers to release their high-end devices across multiple carriers and regions, while building a few mid range phones for individual areas and carriers. Nokia has gone all in with Windows Phone 7 and it is starting to pay off, and if the rest of their line follows in the trend of the first three Lumia’s we could be in for some great phones from Nokia with a great Mobile OS.