A lot of Call of Duty players were happy last week when Activision/Blizzard released the iOS Elite App. Unfortunately a lot of users were left out in the cold because they are Android users, not iOS users. Well that has changed as of today, with Activision releasing the Elite App for Android.

The Elite App for mobile has been something that MW3 players have wanted for quite some time, and was one of the cornerstone pieces of the Elite offering. The ability to check stat progression, customize your load outs, review challenges, and your player stats on the go, is a definite plus for a lot of the MW3 addicts out there.

Career Summary

For everyone that plays MW3 this is an important area that covers all of your lifetime stats. You can see important stats like your current level, XP needed to reach the next level, Kill/Death Ration, win percentage and total hours played. The Elite App also features a Prestige Calculator that allows you to figure out how long it will tak you to hit the next level cap.

Recent Matches

The Recent Matches section of the App features stats for your last 10 matches. It shows you your K/D ratio over all and then allows you to go into specific match details. Match details include final score, K/D, assists, killstreak, and highlights your Nemesis and Victim during the round. You can even get the stats of your Nemesis or Victim by clicking on their gamertag.

You can dive deeper and get the stats of all the players who were in the matches with you by clicking on the final scoreboard for each match then clicking on individual gamertags. This is pretty neat because you can see what certain players who are doing better than you are doing.

Custom Classes

The feature I’ve been most looking forward to is the ability to customize class load outs via the mobile App. It’s one thing that I enjoy about MW3, being able to tweak your gear in order to get what you hope will be the best results. Now you can customize everything about your classes direct from the App and have them transfered to the full game. You can pick weapons, attachments, perks, and Strike Packages. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been thinking about updating different load outs, or talking with friends about what works best and then forgetting about what I decided by the time I get home. Now you don’t have to worry about that, just open up the App where ever you are and tweak away!


The final section of the mobile Elite App is Challenges, here you can see where you currently stand in completing any and all of the Challenges in MW3. I always have a hard time knowing where I am with certain weapons or killstreaks or perks, and now their all right at my finger tips. It’s a great reference tool to let you know how to get challenges completed to get more XP. All you have to do is click on the specific challenge and it will give you the specifics for what you need to do in order to complete the challenge. You can even track specific challenges so you’re not bogged down by the massive list. You just click on the cross hair next to a specific challenge title, this saves it to your tracked feed, and you can pull those up quickly to see where you are on your way to completion.


Overall the app is a great tool for MW3 players, it’s slick, intuitive and very user friendly. It allows you to access all the critical information that you can need and allows you to interact with the game itself from your phone. One feature we’d really love to see is some added social sharing functionality. Most users have already linked their Call of Duty Elite to their social networks, and people share things obsessively from mobile devices so it makes sense to integrate a way to share your stats, recent games, or even custom load outs to social networks, unfortunately that’s not there yet, but hopefully.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of what the Elite App will bring us, it’s been a bit delayed and the feature foundation is solid. We’d like to see Activision / Blizzard expand on this and include more games from the franchise, and more features, but nothing in version 1.0 has everything we want. This is a great place to start and a great tool for MW3 players!

What are you waiting for, download the app now!

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