As if we don’t have enough ways to watch the Super Bowl, the NFL and Verizon have announced that Super Bowl XLVI will be streamed to web and mobile devices, which includes the NFL Mobile Android app. The wild-card and Pro Bowl games will also be streamed.

Verizon has been tied very closely to NFL with its 4G devices and it has been an outstanding feature for Verizon subscribers. The ability to get info and stats along with highlights of games as they occur has certainly helped me (not in my Fantasy Leagues mind you). The only better option is being a Dish Network subscriber with the NFL Pass and streaming that to your devices.

I don’t see this taking the place of everyone getting together at their friend’s house to watch the game on the biggest TV around, but it doesn’t hurt for Verizon to be tied to the hip of one of the most popular sports franchises in the world.


Associated Press