When the iPhone 4S was first unveiled at the start of October, a lot of people felt let down by the thought that the phone did not look a whole lot different to the iPhone 4. In many regards, they are quite similar. The iPhone 4S does have some improved hardware, but the only thing that really differentiates it in the eyes of many consumers is Siri. Siri is thought to be the biggest factor driving the high volumes of iPhone 4S deals.


Even though Siri has won a lot of admirers, it does have several flaws. The app was only released on the iPhone 4S in its beta stages, meaning it is a long way from the polished products that ‘just work’ that Apple usually releases. This is because Siri is programmed to learn and evolve, and it cannot do that in a lab in Cupertino – it needs to interact with real people and collect the data its needs to improve itself.


Some of the problems that Siri has been experiencing include a lack of location-based services outside of the US, difficulty understanding certain accents such as Scottish, Indian and Australian, and also a difficulty in understanding people in noisy environments.


Apple has announced an upgrade for Siri that is soon to be released, that will allow Siri to recognize individual voices. With this in place, Siri will be able to separate your voice from noise in the background and use noise cancellation software to more easily comprehend your commands.


This could also add security benefits. When the iPhone 4S was first launched many people were alarmed by the fact that Siri could be activated from the lock screen, allowing others to send messages and rearrange your calendar. This can be deactivated from the settings menu, but with the new upgrade Siri could prevent other people from using her features whether the phone is locked or not.


Apple has also been looking for new employees to work on the look and feel of Siri, which suggests that the voice assistant could be having a makeover very soon.