With Verizon releasing multiple high-end 4G smart phones this month now is as good a time as any for potential buyers to get in on the 4G action. One concern that users have is data usage since unlimited data plans are going the way of the dodo what good is a 4G connection if your afraid you’re going to burn through all your data in a few days? Well Verizon is trying to help, today they’ve announced that for a limited time they are providing users with double the amount of data they would be getting. That means if you purchase a $30 a month 2GB plan with your 4G phone, you’re actually going to get 4GB of data. New accounts will get this bonus double data automatically while current customers will need to call or go to the website to make the switch.

Verizon also announced a 300MB plan for all smartphones that costs $20 per month and is available for 3G or 4G phones, but really who only uses 300MB of data?