Just a week after Motorola announced their Q3 earnings and their disappointing Xoom tablet sales (100,000 units!!) there is news of its successor. Carphone Warehous a European purveyor of electronics, tablets, phones etc has a leaked flyer on the intertubes touting the Motorola Xoom2 will be landing before Christmas. They also have it listed at €399.90 (roughly $545) for the WiFi-only 16GB edition.

Surprisingly the device will be running Android 3.2, which we expect to be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich as quickly as possible considering Motorola has already committed to updating the original Xoom. Also the Xoom2 has taken a step down in size to an 8.2-inch screen. Personally I like the 10.1-inch original Xoom and if all they have done is update the ascetics (sharp edge corners ala the Droid RAZR) and made the screen smaller, I’m not sure this is going to be the device Motorola wants it to be. They’re also going to need to come way down on their pricing structure if they want to compete in the quickly crowding tablet space.

Either way, we’ll let you know more as we get it!