Well isn’t Motorola on a roll, first the Droid Bionic, then the Droid RAZR and now the Droid 4? This pace of device releases can’t be sustained and has got to be driving Verizon up a wall. We have a rumored device picture found by Droid-life, along with some interesting information. First and foremost this is a full qwerty device similar to the original Droid but it is obviously taking design queues from the Droid RAZR. Other than knowing the device will be 4G and have a screen size similar to the Droid RAZR not much is known at this point but with things going the way they are we’ll go out on a limb and say an 8MP camera, at least 1GB of RAM and a Dual-Core processor.

This does appear to be an early device build and may change with the upcoming Android 4.0 not needing physical buttons perhaps Motorola will see fit to remove the buttons from this device and make the screen a bit larger. It’s early yet but we’ll certainly keep you posted as we bet more information on this device.