Flagship Phones

In the past month, we have seen each major mobile operating system release a flagship device. All three are going to give you an amazing user experience but. I believe, the most interesting of the devices is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I don’t say that because they did something incredible and never before seen; but because Apple’s and Microsoft/Nokia’s showings were disappointing.

I could write a whole post about why the iPhone 4S is a complete disappointment. However, the quick version is that it is the same as the iPhone 4 with better internals, iOS 5 doesn’t offer any features not available in the market today, and it’s selling point feature, Siri, is in beta. The 3.5 inch screen is getting dated and the glass back probably gives owners nightmares. All that said, any disappointment will not reflect in sales. 4 million units sold in the opening weekend speaks for itself.

I firmly believe, that Microsoft and Nokia fell flat with the Lumia 800 and 710. Yes it is a great looking phone and a good starting point considering this partnership was only announcement back in February. However, I don’t even think it is the best WP7 Mango phone coming to market. I am far more interested in the Samsung Focus S. The Lumia 800’s -the higher end of the two- doesn’t offer any features that would would make it worthy of the term “flagship”. Where is Ovi Maps or at least a front facing camera with Skype?

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a beautifully designed phone as most high-end Samsung phones have been lately. I am not going to compare specs because it is not always the whole story. However, Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich offers a cleaner Android experience, it integrates “skinned” features into the OS, and added some bells and whistles with face detection to unlock and Android Beam. The 4.65 inch could be a deterrent for some people but I don’t mind companies trying new designs. I  strongly believe the Nexus line of phones are the best Android phones because it functions the way the OS is meant to. It maybe about having high expectations for Apple and Microsoft/Nokia, but Google and Samsung changed enough on the exterior and OS to get me truly excited about this phone.

So it wasn’t a revolutionary year for smart-phones, good thing 2012 is right around the corner. Google takes the crown for the most compelling 2011 flagship phone  from me. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Think I am moron? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

Photo via: crave.cnet.co.uk