We’ve all seen the massive sales numbers for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, we’ve all seen how it’s dominating Xbox Live usage, we all know that there will be DLC to support the game in the coming months, what we don’t know is how much and when. We may not have to wait to long to find out the answer to those questions, apparent leaked screen shots from the weekend have let to talk that there will be no less than 20 separate map packs for MW3. Call of Duty Elite premium members will receive the DLC ahead of general release and should receive them at no extra charge (since the DLC cost is built-in to the Elite Premium Membership).

This is only a rumor at this point because neither Activision nor Infinity Ward have come out and said exactly how many DLC packs will be released for MW3. Also it’s hard to say at this point if the “map packs” being referred to are individual maps, or packs with multiple maps. If they’re considered multiple maps, with the average cost of DLC being $15, for a user to purchase them all could potentially cost $300.00. I can’t imagine this being the case, so it’s more likely that the 20 map packs being referred to are 20 total maps, with packs averaging 5 maps per pack, that’s 4 DLC packs for a potential cost of $60 which is on par with what has happened with the previous Call of Duty games.

Either way we know there are more maps coming, and it would make sense for Activision and Infinity Ward to make the Call of Duty Elite Premium a deal so having more maps / map packs than the $60 would be a good idea.