Verizon and Microsoft announce deal for TV Experience on Xbox 360

WIth Microsoft prepping their new fall dashboard update many have been speculating that there would be some TV integration that was initially announced earlier this year. Well Microsoft has just made a deal with Verizon to offer a new “Fios TV-Powered Entertainment Experience.”

Verizon has developed software that allows Verizon FIOS TV & Internet customers who are also Xbox Live subscribers to access FIOS TV content on their Xbox 360. Something we’ve seen before from At&t but it’s nice to see the service offerings branch out to other partners. This also helps support Microsofts vision of 3 screens and a cloud.

A quote from Microsoft regarding the deal:

“By bringing the technologically advanced Verizon FiOS TV service to Xbox 360 and Kinect, we are advancing our vision to provide the best in entertainment in extraordinary new ways,” said Tom Gibbons, corporate vice president of the TV & Service Business for the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft.  “Xbox 360 brings all your entertainment, friends and family together in one place, and we look forward to introducing Verizon FiOS TV to the console this holiday.”

Interesting, and hopefully Microsoft doesn’t limit the deal to just users Xbox 360’s, if they could stream their FIOS TV to their Windows powered Smartphones, Tablets, and PCs that would really be something.