Motorla Teases New Product Announcement for Tomorrow – Droid Razr Anyone?

In keeping with Motorola’s style for teasing its new product announcements this one highlights the new features that users can expect to be included in the new device. Specifically “thinner”, “faster”, “smarter” and “stronger”. They’ve also included hints within the video, like the razor blade image, and shots of a bullet proof vest.

Everyone is expecting the announcement to feature the new Droid, the Razr, along with potentially introducing the upgraded Motorola Xoom2, and Xoom media edition tablets. The interesting thing here is that the announcement is scheduled for tomorrow 10/18/11, which happens to be the same date that Google and Samsung are set to unveil the next iteration of Android dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich. Could Moto leak some additional information regarding the updated OS? Is it just coincidence since Google and Samsung had to reschedule their press event from October 11th to the 18th?

Also importantly this announcement is coming quickly on the heels of Motorola’s release of the Droid Bionic which is their most recent superphone on Verizon. To me this seems like admitting that the Bionic didn’t do as well as either Motorola or Verizon had hoped, but it may just be because the device was so delayed that there just wasn’t a lot of lag time between devices.

Either way we’ll find out more information tomorrow regarding Motorola’s addition to what looks to be like a very crowded holiday smartphone release lineup for Verizon.