The moment we have all been waiting for will be here in less than 1 week. EA has posted that the beta for Battlefield 3 will be coming out by September 29. So take the day off of work!! PC users can pre-order the game from Origin to get the beta key 2 days early.

This game looks killer cool. On the PC it will look wild if you got a nice Directx 11 card. Xbox and PS3 will have the fun destruction and Frost Bite 2 engine but will lack in graphics compared to the PC. In my opinion those console’s are due for an upgrade.

I’ve read they planned to chill out on being able to destroy everything like in Bad Company 2 since there would be no where to go for cover. I kind of enjoyed that but I guess if they leave a wall or two standing that will be OK.

See you on the Battlefield!