Verizon Wireless Account Analysis Text Message

I received a TXT message today from Verizon Wireless directing me to their page. I was greeted with a surprise stating that my main phone line was eligible for a special offer upgrade, with a special “Immediate Action Recommended” icon.

I’m digging to try to find out more about this, it definitely seems like Verizon is trying to tempt people into upgrading their devices. Usually this happens before a wave of new devices hit the market so we’ll have to keep a watchful eye out.


I’ve followed up on this a few times with different Verizon Wireless reps to determine if this is a special offer or if it is a limited time deal. It appears that it is a timed txt message sent out by Verizon once you’re eligible for your annual upgrade. There doesn’t appear to be any special pricing or discount associated other than the contract renewal pricing. The odd thing is if you upgrade early you have to pay an early upgrade fee. This seems like an attempt for Verizon to get people to upgrade phones and renew their contracts without any real benefit or discount to the consumer.

If you have any additional information or have had a different experience please let me know!