Motorola XOOM Tablet Priced at $599 with 2 Year Contract

Verizon Wireless has confirmed that the much awaited Motorola XOOM Android Tablet will be available on contract at $599. That is a 2 year contract subsidy similar to what they offer on phones or modems. Currently Verizon prices their 3G data for tablets / modems / MiFi starting at $20 per GB but Verizon also mentioned that the XOOM will be upgraded to 4G for free in Q2 of this year. Verizon has yet to announce their 4G data pricing or plans.

So the question is, do you buy a subsidized XOOM Tablet for $599 and pay a minimum of $480 over 2 years for data, plus the $35 activation fee. Or do you buy the un-subsidized XOOM for $799, and pay the $35 activation fee plus $20 for the mandatory 1 month of data?