Motorola XOOM Pre-Order at BestBuy Moved to 2/20/11!

According to reports, and information provided to BestBuy has pushed back it’s pre-order date for the Motorola XOOM tablet. The date was originally speculated to be 2/17 but has since been pushed back to 2/20. Does this push back have anything to do with a software issue from Google? Does this have anything to do with the price confirmation from Sanjay Jha? It’s hard to say if it has any real impact at all considering the release date for the product has always been presumed to be 2/24 so in all reality it may have no effect on all of us who are thinking about jumping on board.

Are you thinking about picking up the XOOM Tablet on release day? Which version are you thinking about getting? the $799 3G/4G version or the $600 WiFi only version?