Apple to announce iPad 2 on March 2?? (Updated)

Take this with a grain of salt but there are reports on the web that Apple will be announcing it’s follow up to the hugely successful iPad on March 2nd. The rumored iPad 2 will have an advantage coming into the crowding tablet space as it’s predecessor set the marketplace and brought tablets to the forefront of technology. Apple does have new challenges this time around as Android has made a push into the tablet space with the introduction of it’s 3.0 software (dubbed Honeycomb). Google has secured partnerships with hardware manufacturers like Motorola, Acer, Samsung, and LG who are all coming to market within the next month (the XOOM arrives 2/24) with their high powered tablet devices. This change in the tablet landscape could have prospective buyers a little more weary about buying an iPad 2 because there are more options in the market and some of them may be more powerful than Apples offering.

We’re also not sure if these will be carrier specific devices or just one device that works on multiple carriers. There are also rumored specs floating around but I have yet to receive confirmation on any of them so I will not forward them along to you.

We’ll keep you updated as we here more information regarding the iPad 2 and it’s imminent release.

Update: Apple has confirmed the announcement date of March 2nd and is sending out invitations!